Spring Festival Flower Fair (花市/年宵市场)

The Spring Festival Flower Fairs usually holds three days (Lunar Calendar December 28-30) before Spring Festival.

Most cities are decorated with all kinds of fresh flowers and tangerine or kumquat trees. The flower fairs are not only selling flowers and plants, but also selling Chinese New Year decorations, gifts, and special foods for New Year.

In custom, buying flowers is very important among the Cantonese people in Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau. There is an older saying: “No flower fairs, no Spring Festival.”

Some Flowers and plants represent their special meanings during Chinese New Year:

  • Kumquat trees are one of the popular because in Cantonese “Kum” means gold and its golden color, so that you are wishing more wealth and fortune in the coming year.  
  • Tangerine trees: goodwill and good luck
  • Peach blossom: romance
  • Chrysanthemum: longevity
  • Peonies: prosperity

It’s really no wonder why so many people would like to buy lots of fresh flowers and kumquat or tangerine trees in their house during Chinese New Year!