How to Pass AWS Exam – Solution Architect Associate

I would like to share my path of passing the AWS Exam – Solution Architect Associate:

1. Took an online training course.(40 – 60 hours) There are lots of internet based training courses out there. Most of them will cost you around $10 to $15 with discount. (You can always find a discount, so don’t buy them with the regular price which usually cost more than $100). I took the AWS Certified Solutions Architect  course from Udemy($15 when I bought it). The course provided me a good overview and key contents for the exam. The course had about 20 hours of video contents, and I watched some of the contents multiple times.

2. Got hands on experience with AWS. I started to use AWS for real project, for example this website is build using AWS. (Domain register, DNS, Hosting,etc.) I did as many labs as possible by following the labs from the online courses. I also tried the Solutions Architect – Associate from QWIKLABS. I believed QWIKLABS was a official training partner with Amazon. The lab cost money, it was helpful but I didn’t think it was worthy. If you have a subscription with Linux Academy, they have more and better labs. I got the Linux Academy subscription because they had other courses that I would like to take.

3. Practiced sample questions. I did all the quizzes and exams from the courses. I also tried to do as many as I could find from the Internet. However, I found that most of the questions in the actual exam were different from most the questions that I practiced. So the key was not to memorize the answers from the practice questions, but to understand the concepts and knew how to use them. The actual exam had mostly scenarios questions which required you to solve business problem based on what you learned.

4. Learned from other people’s experience. I visited other people’s blog or forum to learn from their experience. Focused on what topics they were having trouble and ensure I was comfortable with the topic. such as the ACloudGuru Forums and Jayendra’s blog

I hope this “how to pass AWS Exam” guide is helpful and thanks for reading.

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