Chinese New Year’s Eve (除夕)

The Chinese New Year’s Eve is on the 30th of December (Lunar Calendar), is a time for families to be together to have the most important dinners of the year.

Chinese are expected to be home to celebrate Chinese New Year with their families wherever they are. That’s why the Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner is called “reunion dinner”. Although every family have different customs, they may have some same dishes on every table. For example:

  • A whole chicken means reunion and rebirth.
  • Fish means surplus, extra food and money every year.
  • Noodles means prosperity.
  • Dumplings means sending the old and welcoming the new.
  • Spring Rolls means spring is coming.
  • Rice Cake means higher and to be more successful than last year.  

After dinner, the children will receive red envelopes from their older generations. The family will stay late together and wait until the New Year’s coming.